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What are people saying about Dr. Clem?

Dr. Clementine Msengi brings warmth, wisdom, and expertise to her presentations. As a radio producer always looking for guests who can speak with authority on their topics, I regard Dr. Msengi as a qualified guest who offers insight backed by practical knowledge.I was motivated and inspired after hearing Dr. Msengi. My hope is that you will be too.

~ Wanda Sanchez, Executive Producer, Salem Radio

Dr. Clementine Msengi brings a wealth of wisdom and valuable life insight to every presentation she gives. She communicates with warmth, honesty, and insight into issues we all face—identity, injustice, suffering, trauma and resilience, and finding purpose in our bleakest moments. I highly recommend her as a speaker who can build bridges of learning and life change to the hearts of her audiences.

~ Shelly Beach, Christy Award winning author, speaker and consultant

Dr. Msengi has a truly life-changing story that people need to hear. Her life of survival and resilience that led to her personal and professional success should be shared with audiences everywhere.

~ Dr. Dennis Cryer, University of Northern Iowa

Dr. Msengi’s presentation was eye-opening. Her story stimulated new perspectives for me on different cultures, how I measure success, and the way I view people. 

– Samuel M.

Dr. Msengi has given me the power to believe that I can accomplish things that have always seemed beyond my reach.

– Monica G.

Dr. Msengi’s story affirms the power of resilience, persistence, and the strength of the human spirit.

–Sandra R.

Dr. Msengi’s presentation was inspirational. She reminded us that struggles are temporary and that we learn as we overcome hardships. Her speech reaffirmed that hard work and persistence are key to achieving goals.

– Melissa M.

Dr. Clementine Msengi’s story is a tribute to courage, fortitude, faith, and tenacity. She inspires others to believe in the power of determination and self-motivation.

– Jose C.

I would recommend Dr. Clementine Msengi as an inspirational speaker. She uses engaging humor, powerful personal stories, and has an endearing presence. She communicates hope, optimism, purpose, and perspective to her audiences.

– Monica G.