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 Dr. Msengi received a doctorate degree in Educational Leadership from Lamar University. She is currently a visiting assistant professor in the Department of Educational Leadership in Doctoral Studies at Lamar University. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Health Promotion from the University of Northern Iowa, where she received the Purple and Old Gold Award for graduating at the top of the class in her major. She also holds Masters of Arts in Community Health from the University of Northern Iowa.


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Dr. Clem’s recent short writings

Find PEACE during Challenges

https://wiobyrne.com/resilience-and-adversity/ Photo Credit: Unsplash By Dr. Clementine Msengi The first six months of 2020 all too clearly demonstrated that challenges are an inevitable part of life. However, while we can't always be prepared for adversity, we can...

Finding Peace

Photo Credit: Pixaby During the month of December, the word peace saturated our world. We heard it in the lyrics of holiday music, Christmas messages, seasonal services, community celebrations, and read it in the greetings on our cards. Peace on earth. But what does...

Faith and Resilience

In 2014, Julie K. Hersh, a writer for Psychology Today Online posted a question on Facebook asking readers to share their tactics for building resilience. Their top response was “faith.” The response isn’t surprising. Faith links our present circumstances to our...