Felicia was devastated when she learned her daughter was self-abusing. Thomas didn’t know who to turn to when he discovered his wife’s affair. Single mom Alexa lost her job and struggled with anxiety about how she would support her three young children.

You may have experienced different circumstances, but we’ve all experienced times of crisis when we felt we had nowhere to turn and few, if any, resources. During the most challenging moments in my life, I have come to value the power of prayer. It has played a powerful role in my story and become my greatest asset in times of my most heartbreaking loss.

Author and Pastor Rick Warren states that “there’s no way you can fulfill your purpose in life without being plugged into God’s power.” I fully believed this truth because I’ve experienced it in many ways.

Prayer Is Power

  • Prayer prevented me from spiraling into depression, anger, and bitterness during turbulent times.
  • Prayer is a link to God, the greatest power in the universe.
  • Prayer provided intimate connection to God, the only friend I could rely on and trust.
  • Prayer gave me hope when all hope was gone.
  • Prayer gave me peace to sleep in the midst of the storms of life.
  • Prayer gave me courage to act when fear held me captive.
  • Prayer taught me gratitude for the things God had done and faith for the things God would do.
  • Prayer offered me the opportunity to praise.

Prayer teaches us three things that give us power.

Our knowledge is limited. We’re dependent upon God.

We can’t see into the future. And much of the time we have difficulty making wise decisions because our knowledge is always limited. But God knows our past, present, and future. The Bible tells us he’s numbered the hairs on our head. He knows which is the most gray and which ones fell out or got stuck to my pillowcase on Tuesday.

So why would this be important? God cares about the tiniest details of our lives. He orchestrates the function of every cell that operates in our body. Prayer reminds me that I am totally dependent upon God. It also reminds me that He yearns to speak to me and have me pour out my heart to Him.

God builds our faith through the power of prayer.

Perhaps you’ve forgiven a friend who deeply wounded you. Forgiveness requires us to risk being hurt again. Maybe you’ve been challenged to tithe to your church when you struggle to make ends meet. Again, you’re faced with risk. Or maybe God is calling you to serve and you don’t feel qualified. Are you willing to take the risk to move forward in the power of God, in spite of your emotions?

Prayer empowers us–not because it’s a formula for success. Prayer is conversation with God, communication with the greatest power in the universe. God uses prayer to build our faith. He uses it to build our vision. He uses it to direct us. He uses it to comfort us. He uses it to guide us. He gives us peace through prayer. The more we talk to God, the easier it becomes to step out in obedience and faith because we know Him better and learn to trust Him more.

God speaks to us through prayer, expecting us to move in obedience. Prayer is conversation. I speak to God. He speaks back to me. But He also expectantly waits for my obedient participation in His plan. We must remember that our emotions are not the truth, and we must act upon the truth—who God is and who we are in Him.

I would love to hear from you. How has God worked in your life through prayer? How has He strengthened your faith through prayer?

How has prayer helped you through a difficult time?

Have you struggled with your prayer life? In what way? Can you offer suggestions for others who are working at creating a more intimate and powerful prayer life?

I’d also appreciate the opportunity to pray for your needs and requests and to encourage other readers to pray for you. What needs are close to your heart?

What answers to prayer have you seen in your life recently? We would love to rejoice with you.

I appreciate the opportunity to get to know you better and to join with you by Harnessing Prayer Power.

Dr. Clem